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Our goal is to provide world-class care for our residents and providing the best experience for all of those who contribute to building the vision.

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What we do

REMA Health Services Inc. is a specialized Adult Residential Care and Mental Health Treatment organization serving the needs of Migrants, Refugees, developmentally disabled adults, former substance accusers, ex-convicts, mentally diagnosed persons, homeless, and others who have experienced life hardships. Our Migrant Facility is going
to focus on providing holistic and affordable housing, healthcare, and treatment services to migrants (refugees and asylum seekers) to help improve their wellbeing and
keep them safe.

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Our Business Model

The business model is developed from the understanding that there is a growing need for quality and premium Healthcare, Affordable Housing, and Mental Health treatment services and equipment that will be useful for migrants. There is a substantial opportunity to cater to these needs, adopt the innovative concept, and generate huge

Veterans Rehabiltation

Active military and veterans face many hardships both during and after their time in serving our country. Struggles with mental health can cause issues like extreme PTSD and substance abuse. Our dedicated and hard working professionals have committed their lives to helping you or your loved one get better. Life does not have to be a prison and we help our patients thrive

Migrant Care

In addition to reunification, medical and counseling services, migrants also have access to legal services, religious services, phone calls, mail supplies and postage. They are provided personal grooming and hygiene services, such as haircuts, laundry and housekeeping

Holistic Counciling

We offer natural treatments for children, adolescents, and adults.

What Our Clients Say

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I found REMA Health after meeting with another organization that wasn't a good fit. They have been helping me actually get to the root of my problems instead of finding temporary fixes like previous therapists I’ve had. I’ve recommended them to multiple people and truly believe that they would be a good fit for all kinds of people. Overall, REMA Health has wonderful therapists and exceptional problem solvers. I have 100% faith in their abilities as a counseling service and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Margaret Curtis​
I am so thankful for the day I was introduced to REMA Health. My middle school daughter and I have been struggling with our relationship after my husband and I split, and life felt like it was spiraling out of control. REMA Health's kind and patient disposition helped us all to take a breath and learn how to communicate as a family. They met with each of us individually, and as a group, and helped my daughter manage her emotions and advocate for herself both with her family and at school. We all look forward to our sessions and are encouraged to continue to set and reach new and exciting goals!
Matthew Fox​
I have always considered myself physically fit doing sports and dance growing up, but I have struggled with weight loss and keeping it off my entire life. Under the personal training and diet mentorship of REMA Health, I have transformed my body in a way I never thought possible. My arms, legs, and abs are more toned than they have ever been! I am proud of the strength and endurance progress I have made as well. REMA Health has provided me with great nutritional plans and has made me aware of making better food choices. My goal has been to lose the final 5 pounds (the hardest ones to lose) and keep them off. With their nutritional guidance and workout plans, I have reached that goal. However, the biggest change has been in my self-confidence and the pride I have in my body. I look forward to each session with my therapist and feel incomplete if I ever must miss for any reason. Most importantly, REMA Health truly cares about all its clients.
John Metz

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Holistic Rehabilitation


Veterans Rehabilitation


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